Kurta Shirt

The attraction of a Kurta shirt is baffling and also indescribable. Kurta shirt is proudly worn around the globe by men who cherish the soft breezy texture of the hand-woven silk and cotton fabrics and enjoy the universal style. From musicians to politicians, movie stars to artists, and the rest of us who simply love to come home and change into our favorite kurta shirt are the ultimate comfort with style.
Kurta shirts have a comfortable fit and come in various lengths, patterns and prints. Designers add coconut shell buttons as a unique handcrafted element which has become another tell-tale sign for those who spot another fellow kurta shirt fan. Time tested over the years and proven to be the essential component of men’s casual clothing, a kurta shirt is like a second skin. Like a favorite pair of jeans, kurtas of all lengths look great as a casual every day style. Whatever the occasion, a kurta shirt is an attractive with a handsome look. Kurta shirts are fastened with tasseled ties, cloth balls and loops, or buttons. Ready-made kurtas often avoid the use of horn buttons, in deference to Hindu sentiments; such buttons are frequently made from cow or buffalo hooves or horns. Buttons are often wood or plastic. Kurta shirts worn on formal occasions feature decorative metal buttons, which are not sewn to the fabric, but, like cufflinks, are fastened into the cloth when needed. Such buttons can be decorated with jewels, enameling, and other traditional jewelers' techniques.


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