Cotton Kurta

Kurtas have been in fashion since the Mughal era. In their custom, both men and women enjoyed cotton kurta and pajama cut in long flowing panels. Elaborately embroidered cotton kurta with real gold and silver threads, weighed as much as 10 kilograms. With the change in time and evolving fashion, modifications were made according to the comfort and affordability of people. Now the cotton kurta has become an informal relaxing and comfortable wear. Though the source of inspiration remains the same old Mughal fashion, many new changes are seen in today’s style of kurtas.
Among men, the most commonly worn kurtas are the coarse handloom ones with high Chinese collar. They are either plain woven or the designs are woven in different colors. Comfort and easy wearing quality has made the cotton kurta universally popular. They are comfortable to be worn in all seasons. The materials for the summer and winter kurtas are different. Summer welcomes crisp and light cottons, while winter gives way to all heavy and thick materials. However, the handloom kurtas are worn in both summer and winter. A cotton kurta is affordable and new designs make it an excellent choice for various occasions like parties and weddings. Cotton kurtas symbolize the quality and styles of various contemporary designs. Cotton kurtas are available today with embroidery in various sizes, colors, length, styles and cuts and can be customized as per the taste and preference of customers. They are available in online stores which stock the latest designs.


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